Tonies - Storybots Beep

Tonies - Storybots Beep


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This tonie invites young audiences to embark on a vibrant and enchanting musical journey alongside the adorable character Beep from the beloved Netflix show Ask the StoryBots.

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Animals
  • Numbers
  • Human Body


1. A Beautiful, Beautiful World (Earth) 🎵
2. We Are The Planets 🎵
3. Triceratops 🎵
4. Stegosaurus 🎵
5. He's A Rhino 🎵
6. Big Brown Boogieing Bear 🎵
7. He's A Zebra 🎵
8. Food Into Energy (Stomach) 🎵
9. Bones In Your Body 🎵
10. Alright, It's White 🎵
11. Let's Wait For Yellow 🎵
12. Everybody Loves Oranges 🎵
13. Love Is Red 🎵
14. The Mulberry Bush 🎵
15. Feelin' Sad And Blue 🎵
16. Grumpy As A Grizzly Bear 🎵
17. The Bear Went Over The Mountain 🎵
18. Rain, Rain, Go Away 🎵
19. Four Seasons 🎵
20. Seconds, Minutes And Hours 🎵
21. Seven Days 🎵
22. Comin' Round The Mountain 🎵
23. Down By The Bay 🎵
24. In An Airplane 🎵
25. Riding On A Train 🎵
26. Workin' On The Railroad 🎵
27. Farmer 🎵
28. Old MacDonald Had A Farm 🎵
29. Hooray for A 🎵
30. Ten Little StoryBots 🎵
31. The More We Get Together 🎵

Total Run Time: 34 minutes

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