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Y'all, Christmas is almost here! Where did this year go? And I know, I know - we can't skip over Thanksgiving - and we definitely will not (click here to see our first blog post re: autumn entertaining). But with supply shortages being what they are right now, the time is now to plan for all the "essentials" for decorating your home for the holidays. My mom has always told me, "you decorate the outside first!" And so for all you wanna-be-Clark-Griswolds out there, here are our must-haves for decorating the exterior of your home...
First up is a truly coveted product - the Holiball! I think what is so appealing and loved about Holiballs is they sit right on that line between the classic exterior Christmas décor you see outside super-chic homes and the extra large blow up scenes that parents begrudgingly buy for their own yards to appease their children (no judgement, my parenting motto is "whatever works" - so God bless parents and those blow-up scenes). Holiballs are - in my opinion - the perfect middle ground for Christmas yard décor. The ball ornament style is classic enough to not read as "tacky," but the oversize and colorful nature of Holiballs still brings big smiles to kids' faces.
You really can't go wrong with your color mix either - stick with either a monochromatic look, classic reds and greens, go fancy with golds and whites, make it playful with pinks and blues - or just pick any color of the rainbow and you'll love how they mix together. Where to put them? They look super adorable hanging at different heights from your trees (we sell fishing line - back aisle near the fireplace accessories 😉) or you can stake them into the ground and create a mixed grouping of colors and sizes (near the fishing line or in the Gardening section). The other big selling point on these is that they are inflatable! So setup is easy when using an electric inflator. Storage is even easier considering they fold up nice and compact. 
I'd recommend you stick with odd numbers and for every 30-inch Holiball you get, add 2 18-inch Holiballs to go with it. That will give you a nice mix of sizes and good proportions. These will sell out, not just at Sunset, but nationwide in the next few weeks so order now to make sure you get yours. 
Next up is an obvious staple, but maybe the first thing you'll put out - your Christmas wreath. I am a big proponent of investing in a really beautiful Christmas wreath. The reason I say invest is because this is a wreath you'll use for about 4-6 weeks a year, and if you have a high quality wreath out for a short duration, its not going to get too "worn" by the elements after one season. I've had one of our Christmas wreaths for 4 years now and its still in great shape. Again, these will sell out. Our wreaths go scary-fast so pick one you love and get ready to use it for years to come! We have several styles of decorative and pre-lit garland to light up your stoop. We will also hook you up (pun intended) with command hooks to make garland install and take down a breeze. 
Our seasonal doormats also go scary-fast and will also sell out. I think we always find some really great ones that bring the joy to everyone who graces your doorstep. We have both standard and estate-sized mats to choose from. 
Last, but probably most important for exterior holiday decorating, is Christmas lights! We've got your covered for high quality lights that will last you years. Bulbs big or small, white or multicolored, short or long, extension cords for days - we've got you. Now hurry in and get stocked up and put your neighbor's yards to shame! JK, it's not a competition... Or is it? :)
Sending you peace and joy,

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