Community Giving

Opened in 1995 by the Doyle Family, Sunset & Co. remains a boutique home, gift and hardware staple in the Alamo Heights and greater San Antonio community. With owners and many employees who live just blocks from its storefront, the company values contributing to causes that will directly support and improve its surrounding community. Sunset & Co. currently focuses on the below primary charitable focus areas.

  • Children’s Education – to contribute to the betterment of children’s development.
  • Children’s Disability or Hardship – to help create a brighter future for children in need due to disability or hardship.
  • Habitat for Humanity – to support families in need of a safe place to call home.

We recognize there is an abundance of worthy and valuable charitable causes in our community. While we are unable to contribute to them all, we always appreciate our customers and community thinking of Sunset & Co. for community giving. In order for Sunset & Co. to consider your request, we ask that all charitable donation requests are:

  • Submitted at least 45 days prior to event or print deadlines
  • In support of one of the charitable focus areas as described above
  • From a certified 501c3 or 501c4 non-profit organization

If you would like to submit your charitable or community event for sponsorship consideration, please email the following information to and attach any associated sponsorship information and/or forms.

  • Name of Organization
  • Name of Event
  • Date of Event and any Print Deadline
  • Contact Person Name & Email
  • Requested Donation from Sunset & Co.
  • How will funds raised from this donation be put to use?