National Pizza Day

Hey friends! I know there are a million “national (fill in the blank) day” days out there. But I am here to tell you I may have found my favorite… Today is National Pizza Day, as if you didn’t already know this! I mean, who doesn’t like Pizza? Most likely only a very small percentage of the human population. Pizza is like a little bit of every food group tied into one delightful meal. Endless combinations, easy to make and even easier to serve – it is typically always a crowd favorite for every age or occasion.

So in honor of this lovely day, I thought I would give a shoutout to fabulous pizza recipes from some of our many wonderful cookbooks in store. Some of them - like Giada de Laurentiis’ Positano Pizza - are simple and sweet recipes that I’ve made before and some like - Ina Garten’s Brussels Sprouts Pizza Carbonara - are ones that I will definitely add to my list. If any of these recipes peak your interest, checkout the cookbooks they came from by clicking on the header links... Enjoy!

"Half-Baked Harvest: Super Simple" by Tieghan Gerard

Dough is maybe the most important part of any pizza, so I wanted to include this recipe from Half Baked Harvest’s Tieghan Gerard for her No-Knead Pizza (and Bread) Dough. This recipe is super easy because the yeast is activated by adding instant yeast and beer, not water. Making pizza dough is also an activity that can be done with the kids! My two little ones love "decorating" their own pizzas and it's something hard for them to mess up. :-)

PRO TIP: If you're not up for making your own dough, you can typically call your local pizza shop and they will sell you unbaked dough balls. You can even ask them to roll them out to the size you need!

I also included a recipe of Tieghan's The Meanest, Greenest Pizza. As she says in her cookbook, this pizza is “essentially a salad with bread and cheese on the bottom. It’s the pizza to have when you’re trying to eat healthy."  As soon as the pizza comes out of the oven, an addition to the top is a delightful complement of tangy sesame arugula salad. 

"Modern Comfort Food" by Ina Garten

The recipe I found from Ina Garten is sooo on my list of things to try! While the world is arguing about whether or not pineapple deserves to be on pizza (definitely not my personal pizza vibe, but to each their own I guess), Ina Garten decided to put Brussels sprouts on her pizza - the Barefoot Contessa strikes again with a Brussel Sprouts Pizza Carbonara that is so decadent and so wonderfully Italian. The salty pancetta, creamy ricotta, and crispy sprouts come together to create an entirely new dish that combines two Italian favorites... Sounds SO YUM!

"From Crook to Cook" by Snoop Dogg

This customer-favorite cookbook includes a recipe for the super simple Hot-Like-A-Skillet Pizza from the one and only, Snoop Dogg. Snoop’s heavy influence from his pal, Martha Stewart, paved the way for some incredible recipes that definitely deserve a test run! His combination of easy pizza ingredients makes for a fast and easy skillet pizza – think Texas-style deep dish if you will.

“Giada’s Italy” by Giada de Laurentiis

The last recipe is Giada's Positano Pizzas - which are an absolutely perfect menu addition to your Valentine's weekend! She cuts her pizza dough into little hearts, bakes, and then slices in half to create a pizza sandwich. Perfectly cute, delicious, and extremely kid-friendly.

PRO TIP: Make this recipe with any cookie cutter or shape you (or your kiddos) prefer - just make sure you maintain a similar size to the hearts!

If you seriously love pizza or live with someone who can't get enough, you definitely want to check out our Ooni Pizza Oven. Not only does the pizza come out like a perfect pizzeria-style pie, but the options of using propane, pellets, or wood make for definitions in flavor profiles and heat indexes – fancy terminology to say that your pizza will get the golden touch! 

While we have everything that you need to start your own pizza company, the truth is that pizza is completely about your style and taste – add what you want and don’t let others tell you what doesn’t work! Below are the recipes that can be printed out and added to your recipe box, so you can always have a pi-zza our hearts!

Happy National Pizza Day! 🍕 Celebrate with pride!
XOXO, Rees

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