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Happy New Year, friends! Wishing you all the very best for a bright and special new year full of joy, peace, optimism, and love! Hopefully you're working on turning those resolutions into habits, but now that we’re in the swing of a new year, it’s time to hit the ground running and I want to bring you (and your taste buds) the very best! January is National Soup Month and why we aren’t all celebrating with a fresh stock pot full of deliciousness is crazy to me! But don’t fret – a flavorful and hot soup can be daunting until you start working on it! Whether you prefer rich and creamy or brothy and full of veggies, soups can be the perfect way to warm your bones during those frigid January days and nights!

Below are a few of my favorite (and printable) soup recipes from some of our favorite chefs and Sunset & Co. friends!

You'll find a recipe from Alex Snodgrass’s newest cookbook “The Comfortable Kitchen” - a follow-up cookbook to our customer favorite ‘The Defined Dish.’ The recipe is an easy and fast Spicy Miso Ramen with Pork that I was drawn to while flipping through the cookbook! I’m super excited about this cookbook because ‘The Defined Dish’ has been one of our top-selling cookbooks over the past year! This recipe is perfect when you want that restaurant-quality bowl of noodles, but the ease of staying-in! The broth really makes the difference!

Next, there is a hearty recipe (and my absolute fave) for Chicken & Wild Rice Stew from Courtney Cavender Smith of Cocina de Coco, a close friend of the store that hosts cooking classes in our test kitchen each month! Courtney uses wild rice in this recipe and the nutty flavor and chewy texture really make this soup a hit!

There is also a sweet and savory French Onion Soup from Trisha Yearwood’s newest cookbook “Trisha’s Kitchen.” Her technique of adding Marsala wine to the stock helps the onions caramelize with the perfect combination of flavors! The Gruyére cheese adds a creamy and nutty touch to the mix and the individual portions are easy for serving!

Finally, from Ree Drummond’s latest book, “The Pioneer Woman Cooks Super Easy!” Her White Chicken Chili is literally the epitome of easy cooking! She uses a rotisserie chicken to speed up the process, but still include rich, bold flavors without having to wait hours! This recipe can be made even easier in a slow-cooker for an even easier cooking experience!

With plenty of time left in January, celebrating National Soup Month is super easy with the help of our fully stocked Kitchenwares Department and a huge selection of cookbooks! My shopping list of "soup essentials" includes my favorite cookware and utensils to help create the perfect soup, and some linens and dinnerwares that I am in love with right now! The possibilities are endless and our knowledgeable and extremely helpful staff can help you find all the cookware and utensils (and even some tablewares) that you need to become a soup master!

Happy Cooking, friends!
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