Spring Cleaning

Hey, you guys! Today was the very first day of spring and I, for one, am thrilled to enter this new, fresh season!

There’s always something special about winter, but after the new year starts, the dreary weather is just such a downer. Spring is a time for renewal and refresh – resetting life for the upcoming warmer weather starts when the time changes and the days get longer!

Hopefully, you were able to enjoy the beautiful first day of spring! Sunshine and temperatures above 65° are the pinnacle of spring, but with that also comes the move to spring cleaning! It’s not always the most fun, so I have a few tips for quick and easy spring-cleaning solutions that make spring cleaning less of a stress!

Refreshing your laundry routine is a fabulous way to relaunch a new season! I personally love using Volcano Laundry Wash from Capri Blue for year-round freshness. Formulated with grapefruit and tangerine essential oils and will have you loving doing the laundry – a normally daunting task! I especially love using this for the bright burst of freshness in my family’s clothing. As the spring time comes around, I use Thymes Mandarin Coriander Laundry Detergent for an even stronger citrusy burst in my linens and towels. Thymes Limited detergents are formulated with bio-enzymes for an extra burst of clean which is so wonderful in a house with littles that start spending more time outside! I love using the canvas and waxed canvas laundry bags to easily separate laundry around the house. Pro tip: these come in great handy for weekend trips to collect dirty laundry without taking up a lot of space!

From the laundry room to the living room, no place should be without your favorite scent. Mists and diffusers freshen and fragrance areas not fit for candles, while detergents and soaps treat your home to earth-friendly cleanliness. Whistle while you work! Spray your most favorite fabulous fragrance all over any hard surface. Keep your counters clean & streak free. Mixture cleaning products are perfect for all over the house. With scents like Salt + Sage, Black Pepper, and my favorite, Lavender Lemongrass, the added freshness will do wonders for your home! As far as your floors go, I highly recommend the Bona No Scent Mop and Cleaner system. The unique and effective formulation provides a complete clean by gently and effectively removing dust, dirt and grime. Extremely quick drying and it doesn’t leave a residue or streaks at all – perfect for hardwood floors of any color.

For quick furniture cleaning and restoring, the New Life Furniture Masque is matched by none! When you have an antique or other grimy piece of wood, this is the first cleaner you should use! Wonderful for removing the most stubborn of water marks and it also makes an excellent leather conditioner. One of our most popular furniture maintenance products, this also cleans marble, tile and painted surfaces! Gentle, but effective this is excellent for hard surfaces or varnished leather and vinyl.

If there is one thing that I can convince you needs adding to your home’s cleaning rotation, it would be a Miele vacuum cleaner. Lightweight, low-noise canister vacuum that offers advanced HEPA filtration, impressive accessories, and precision German manufacturing. Six suction control settings let you conveniently move from carpets to hard floors, from gauzy curtains to heavy upholstery. So easy to use and perfect for even the smallest job around your home!

Hopefully, spring cleaning isn’t as daunting as it normally would be and with these customer favorites, I’m sure your home cleaning routine won’t be so much of a chore! While I can only speak for what works in my home, we have an extremely knowledgeable staff that is so willing to help – whether you choose to visit us in-store or write to us via email, we are so happy to offer any information that will help you with all of your spring cleaning!

I hope you enjoy your season and look forward to bringing you more and more of the best in the future! XOXO, Rees

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