Cole & Mason - Herb Keeper

Cole & Mason - Herb Keeper


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Grow your own herbs and keep them fresh for every dish. Capable of extending the lifespan of your herbs by an additional ten days, the Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Keeper implements a series of simple and functional features that will enhance and unlock the true flavor of your herbs. The Fresh Herb Keeper uses a Flip & Slide Lid that provides swift access without damaging your arrangement of herbs. The lid includes air vents that will assist in helping your herbs breathe. Removable dividers (3 available) will allow you to get creative when it comes to storing a variety of herbs in the same container. A water lever window has been included near the base of the herb keeper. The window provides a convenient way to monitor the water level in your Fresh Herb Keeper. Weighing less than one lb. and relatively small in size, the herb keep can be stored in a near infinite number of settings. This makes it a perfect addition to be stored in your refrigerator. Keep your herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano and dill fresh longer with the Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Keeper

The choice of herbs and spices available today brings bold new flavors and colors into the kitchen. To help food lovers get the most from these ingredients, Cole and Mason offers a wide range of herb and spice items. Style, durability and dependability have been built into every Cole & Mason product since 1919. By using the best materials and mechanisms, our products have been praised by professional cooks and homemakers alike. You can count on Cole & Mason to give your kitchen table a touch of class!


  • 4.72"W x 7.28"H x 9.06"L
  • Weight: 0.94 lbs.


  • Fresh herbs last up to 10 days longer
  • Air vents in the lid help herbs to breathe
  • Collapsible clear lid for storage and seeing fresh herbs
  • Flip & Slide lid and upper sheath provides easy access to herbs with minimal contact
  • Includes 3 removable dividers to help store a variety of herbs
  • ABS herb container with water Max and Refill window
  • Fits easily in standard refrigerator door
  • Keep herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano and dill fresh longer

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