National Margarita Day

Hey friends!
Today is National Margarita Day and the only way that I see fit to celebrate (aside from enjoying a marg) is by sharing some amazing margarita recipes with you all! Take a look below for printable recipes that are sure to stand out!

A Classic Margarita is the start of any great variation. Mastering the art of the simple margarita is perfect for beach trips, lake days, and at-home happy hours! This recipe comes from The Essential Bar Book – an A-to-Z guide to spirits, cocktail, and wine! This little guide is a perfect gift to add to any housewarming or birthday celebration!

We all know that person that likes their food with some spice and this margarita is perfect for that crowd! Rim the glass with chili powder and add some jalapeños for the perfect kick in this margarita-adjacent cocktail! Pulled from ‘The Austin Cookbook,’ recipes deep from the heart of Texas, this cookbook from Paula Forbes is a lexicon of Tex-Mex cooking and all that comes with it!

From the basic bar tools to the complexities of cocktail making, the ‘Ultimate Bar Book’ acts as a comprehensive guide to all things mixology. This book starts from the basic and includes over 1,000 cocktail recipes! While searching for a fabulous margarita recipe, I found this Avocado Marg that literally sounds like a millennial dream – think an elevated and creamy frozen margarita with a fresh kick of lime! So delish!

Brightly colored hibiscus flowers show off a new look when made into this refreshing and equally bright cocktail! The rich color and tangy taste make for a wonderfully Fiesta-themed cocktail that is sure to be a hit! ‘Cocktail Chameleon’ is a wonderful mix of cocktail cookbook and coffee table book – gorgeous photography and easy recipes for a variation on 12 classics.

Pulling this list together wouldn’t be complete without a skinny margarita – something that every margarita enthusiast knows comes in handy! While I don’t consider a diet margarita to be anything less than fabulous, the use of agave nectar in this cocktail can be added to taste and is completely up to the bartender! Perfect for a girls’ getaway weekend!

Ready to enjoy a cocktail? Click here to check out my list of the best bar tools, appliances, and accessories that can help you make your margaritas a complete knock-out! Have fun, enjoy responsibly, and live life with a marg in hand!

XOXO, Rees

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